Why this NZ company has rolled the dice on Linius Technologies?

Hemisphere is a video streaming systems integrator, which has created platforms for companies like NBC, CNN and the US Pentagon.

Relative to its clients, it is a small company, but having started more than ten years ago, it's long on experience.

So why is this seasoned New Zealand based company, risking quarter of a million dollars worth of billable hours on virtualized video company, Linius Technogies (ASX:LNU)?

In this interview with Hemisphere Managing Director, Glyn Beaumont, I explore:

  • Why Hemisphere has created a ‘plug and play’ Search and Assembly Application based around Linius' virtualized video technology.

  • Why, after eleven years in streaming video business, Linius technology is the first new thing to come along.

  • How he believes his company can recoup its investment in six months.

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ASX Linius/Hempisphere Announcement

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