Why the likes of Apple, Samsung, Amazon and Google need this technology.

computer storage technology is a bit like a car's steering wheel.

we don't really care about it, as long as it works.

but if you are apple, samsung, amazon or google, grappling with artificial intelligence, augmented reality and blockchain, storage tech is a big deal.

that's because the existing technology is really old: at one end There is flash and the other, d-ram.

while flash doesn't need power to hang on to it's data, it is very slow. d-ram is fast, but if the power goes off, it forgets everything. plus, its physical size increases with its capacity and it's very expensive.

4DS Memory is currently commercializing a new type of memory called Interface Switching ReRAM that will sit in between both flash and d-ram.

talking to editor of insidemarket.net phil carey, 4ds ceo jim dorrian reveals discussions with some of the world's largest technology manufacturers about 4ds' reram.

he also explains why big tech players are interested in hIS technology and why it is essential to their development. [watch this video now]

4ds memory is currently collaborating WITH THE WORLD'S PREEMINENT RESEARCH FACILITY, IMEC, IN BELGIUM, to commercialize its technology.

having proven that 4ds' technology works at the bit scale, the next step is to create a working megabit chip: that's where imec comes in.

imec is a not-for-profit organisation with three and a half thousand staff.

technology is only accepted by their team if it is considered sufficiently significant on a global change scale. [watch this video now]

Jim Dorian was instrumental in the establishment and eventual sale of Arbor to Oracle for $4 billion in 2007.

As a general partner at Crosspoint Venture Partners his deals also included Bill Me Later's $1 billion acquisition by Paypal in 2008.

He is confident 4DS will become his biggest deal ever. so how does he make his investment decisions? [watch this video now]

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