Titomic is at an inflection point according to CEO.

Titomic [ASX:TTT] CEO Jeff Lang says the main reason behind the company's 50% loss since May has mainly been driven by the businesses late delivery of promised sales revenue, along with some short selling that fed into the decline.

Seven weeks after the promised deadline for the sales announcement, Jeff Lang told me he was pleased to finally deliver on their critical first sale, even though it was seven weeks late.

"I also think you need to keep in mind we listed on the ASX in September 2017 with nothing more than a bit [patent] of paperwork," he said.

Since the start of February this year however, the company has announced a partnership with the defence prime Thales, raised $19m in a capital raise, but most importantly for shareholders, sold $25.5 million of Titomic technology in the form of two 3D additive printers.

I caught up with Jeff Lang by phone this afternoon.


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