Titomic fires first real revenue shots toward billion dollar target.

Australian industrial-scale, 3D titanium printer company, Titomic (ASX:TTT), is entering into a substantial commercial production phase, that could be a critical step in the development of the business.

The company is poised to start manufacturing for several US defence primes along with a major aerospace prime and is expecting to sign a second European aerospace prime contract in the near future.

In an exclusive interview with InsideMarket.net, founder and Managing Director Jeff Lang outlined:

  • Joint venture with major US classified DoD contractor and 100+ potential projects now identified

  • Establishment of US based 3D printing bureau to service the defence and aerospace industry, where parts generate USD $50k to $15m per unit

  • Imminent signing of a second, European based aerospace prime

  • Imminent manufacture/export of soldier system components globally

  • Manufacture of 50+ parts for high performance automotive companies

  • Tips the company will be valued at one billion dollars in the next few years

Titomic will also commence OEM production of soldier system products for TAUV, an Australian intelligent armour system manufacturer (OEM).

During the course of the development work for TAUV, Titomic created significant interest with a classified, US Department of Defence supplier. The US supplier sells soldier systems, which include everything an modern infantry man needs in the field, from rifles, to drones, and body armour. Soldier systems are increasingly utilising integrated digital technology.

"Through Titomic's production development work with TAUV, we attracted the attention of the US Department of Defence." said CEO Jeff Lang.

According to Titomic, the company's patented technology has the unique ability to spray titanium onto other metals, and as a result, it has benchmarked, a globally applicable mass-volume solider system component, that far exceeds anything the US Department of Defence has been able to achieve in:

  • Weight

  • Reliability

  • Performance

In a far ranging interview, Lang also told me that he now believes Titomic will become a billion dollar company.

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