Smaller and yet more powerful?

If you are a lighting (LED) or solar panel manufacturer, smaller and more powerful is something you dream about a lot.

But, just like my recurring dream of owning my own island, it has been problematic to date.

One of the biggest issues lies in the high temperatures used in the LED semiconductor manufacturing process.

But according to Australian clean technology company, Bluglass Limitied, they have a solution.

It goes by the catchy title of, Remote Plasma Chemical Vapour Deposition (RPCVD) process.

Bluglass says, it's heavily patented tech, offers several potential benefits to manufacturers, including higher performance, lower cost, and smaller devices.

It gets a lot more technical than that, but those behind the technology say it's better, cheaper and smaller, which is a potent combination in any business terms.

So when will Bluglass be getting its extra wide business cards printed?

I caught up with the CEO of Bluglass, Giles Bourne, and Marketing Manager, Stef Winwood, to find out a little more about the technology, and when investors might see some action on the revenue front.

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