Pointerra (ASX:3DP) says oooops! But in a good way.

CEO of Pointerra, Ian Olson, says a recent trip to North America revealed the company had massively underestimated the size, and therefor the revenue potential, of the 3D capture market it is targeting in the region.

The discovery became evident during a road trip Olson took with one of two new sales people engaged by the Western Australia based company.

Pointerra is a Data as a Service company that sits between 3D data capture companies that do flyover scans of ground-based assets, like pipelines and power lines.

However, these scans are normally viewed in 2D as the more valuable and useful 3D versions are so digitally massive they require large computer processing power.(learn more about Pointerra in previous InsideMarket blog)

But Pointerra's cloud based software solves the processing issue and allows users to view 3D versions on devices as small as a mobile phone.

Ian Olson told InsideMarket.net's Phil Carey, that the size of this market is much bigger than he thought. PLAY VIDEO 0.40

According to Olson, Pointerra is specifically focusing its new USA sales reps. on the power and cable market and large scale companies like Southern California Edison which has 20 million customers.

"We fit between the capture companies and end users like Southern California Edison and we have that space to ourselves." PLAY VIDEO 0.50

Another aspect of the Pointerra business model is to get 3D capture companies to expand their business model from paid, project-driven captures to funding their own, large scale captures.

Such captures would then be made available via subscription, using Pointerra's cloud based software.

Total Earth Solutions, a Western Australia 3D capture company, is one of the first to embrace the idea.

"They came to us and said they would spend their own money to do a mass capture of the Perth metropolitan area (Local Government Area LGA) and then, using Pointerra, make it available to multiple users on a subscription basis."

You can hear more of the Ian Olson interview below, including his reaction to the corporate governance issues of a few ASX listed tech companies and how it has affected the entire tech sector. He also explains why he believes Pointerra's conservative reporting approach will ultimately prove a winner.

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