Linius CEO says usage numbers should flow by end of year

Linius Technologies (ASX:LNU), expects to be releasing figures on the take-up of it's virtualized video technology by the end of the year, according to CEO, Chris Richardson.

Linius’ patented Video Virtualization EngineTM converts video into interactive, virtual video.

82% of internet traffic is video according to Cisco.

Linius has made a number of commercial announcements in the past couple of weeks, with the latest being the launch of its Software as a Service platform.

A Linius virtual file, allows access to its 'digital DNA' according to Richardson. This enables users to tag, index, and manipulate that video as its streamed, between source and screen — transforming static video into what he calls "intelligent content."

InsideMarket's Phil Carey caught up with Richardson after the latest SaaS announcement to find out when the company is expecting to show returns on the deals.

In the past 8 weeks Linius Technologies (ASX:LNU) has announced:

Newstag- Newstag will deploy the VVE Search Solution across the Newstag site, allowing users to search news archives and generate their own personalized news experience. Linius will receive monthly license fees, in addition to US$1 per video virtualized and US$40 per thousand videos assembled (discounted to US$10 per thousand until a future commercial deal is signed).

ASX Announcement

Media AMP - MediaAMP is a leading provider of video solutions to the US higher education market. In accordance with Linius’ Partner Program, MediaAMP will purchase Linius video virtualization and video search solutions for resale to its education clients throughout the US. Revenue to be earned under the agreement will depend on the level of resales and take-up of the integrated product offering.

ASX Announcement

SaaS - The LVS SaaS platform opens video virtualization technology to the world• Users can log-on and independently pay to virtualize video content and build apps• Sees fulfilment of a strategy for direct commercial uptake and helps Linius to scale rapidly• Existing clients, including recently announced Newstag, are being deployed on LVS

ASX Announcement

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