(ICYMI) $1K into $3K in 15 days. Where to from here for Clearvue?

Turning a window into a solar panel, while still being able to use it as a window, is a pretty cool trick.

Effectively, that is what the Clearvue's technology (ASX:CPV) does.

According a study published in the scientific journal Nature, one meter square piece of Clearvue glass contains everything needed to generate up to 30 watts of power.

As with many conceptually simple breakthrough technologies, the concept excites investors.

In just fifteen days, Clearvue's stock price has jumped from 13 cents to 38 cents.

But, how long before the company can start selling and when will it be profitable?

Also to consider how will they sell their product and who will buy it?

In this week's InsideMarket 'Sunday Chat', we sit down with Chairman of Clearvue Technoloy, Victor Rosenberg, to tackle these questions.

We do not recommend or advise to buy or sell Clearvue shares. The InsideMarket Private Fund does not own shares in Clearvue and we have not received any payment from the company for this coverage. Such shares should be considered very speculative, high-risk, and very volatile. There are significant risks inherent in developing new technologies that are not discussed here. You should always seek professional advice before considering any share purchase or sale. Please read our full disclaimer here.

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