Getswift or get out?

Much has been written about Getswift (ASX:GSW) over the long weekend.

At last close our holding was $102,200 of stock in the company.

So how do we see the week ahead.

In the short term it'll be ugly.

No matter how many beers it'll still be ugly, "ugly".

Notice no gender specifics there for those who watch such things:)


*GetSwift software works and works well. We've tried it.

*It's been validated through hundreds of small and large companies signing contracts and using/paying for it.

*Backed by some very big institutional investors Merryl's/Regal etc.

*Bigger contracts on table (Amazon etc.) so future looks good.


Company failed to inform market on two occasions of negative events - arguably seemongly small events at time but the effect is certainly large now.

Cloud over transparency of all company reports now exists.

As a result of previous point, uncertainty lingers over future validity of contracts.


InsideMarket's Private Fund has already psychologically taken the hit.

Pity I gave up drinking on 2nd November 2016.

But who's counting.

Just noticed a drinking theme. Maybe I should meditate this morning.

While we offer no financial or investment advice, we have looked at the bigger picture and remain confident that this is a small blip in potentially a much longer successful game.

We are not naive.

Sure the haters are out in force.

Closely followed by the "I told you so's."

But as someone with skin in the game we see the bigger issue for Joel McDonald and Bane Hunter as not so much what HAS happened, but what MIGHT happen.

Getting control of the tigers tail, caused by this incident, and taming it, is what they must do.

They need to do it quickly and that means put aside any emotion they may be feeling.

Both of them, but inparticlar Mcdonald, have worked extremely hard on developing a very good smart SaaS that makes companies more productive, reduces costs and increases customer spend.

It'd be a shame to see it badly wounded over the next few months by not seeing the bigger picture.

In our mind it is time to stop reading access comments by online knuckle heads and haters, put any emotion in the top draw and clear the air somehow.

We have reposted the short version of our 2017 New York interview with the two Getswift management from a few months ago.

If you hold stock this morning it's worth a watch.

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