Expect some excitement from Linius very soon.

"We only have three near term goals left* and I would expect one or two of those will be ticked off in the 'very' near future," Chris Richardson CEO of Linius Technologies Limited (ASX:LNU) told InsideMarket.net

This fits with our expectation of Linius,** as many of the Linius C-level team have had enough time to bag a couple of good deals by now, if they, as i am sure they are, as good as expected.

"The (near term goals) will be pretty exciting announcements from a 'scaling the business' perspective," Richardson explained.

For more detail on the Linius video virtualization technology, you can read our recent blog here.

Richardson, who was in Melbourne over the weekend, but lives in Prague, also said the recent $10 million dollar capital raising will see them fully funded till the end of 2019.

He began his interview with InsideMarket.net Editor Phil Carey (Monday 26/02/18) by reviewing the significance of the short term goals already completed by Linius, starting with the signing in May 2017, of a deal to integrate their video virtualization technology into IBM's Cloud.

*Linius began with 11 near term goals.

**InsideMarket's Private Fund took a position in Linius on the 24th of January 2018 and holds 1.4 million shares.

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