Are there virus-proof stocks?

With the thirty per cent drop in the stock market I wrote about a while back now approaching, the bold investors will be starting to look for stocks with the least negative effect from Covid 19.

Demand for services that can allow people to stay well, safe and help people still generate some form of income will be sought after over the coming weeks and months.

It seems more than likely that some businesses may not survive the next few months.

However, certain companies especially in Software as a Service vein may be able to trade on virtually unaffected.

PainChek [ASX:PCK] CEO Philip Daffas believes he may be one of those companies.

PainChek® is a smart-phone based medical device using artificial intelligence to assess and score pain levels in real time and update medical records in the cloud. PainChek® records a short video of the person’s face and analyses the images that indicate pain and records them.

“There is no evidence that corona virus is having an adverse impact on our sales cycle and ability to implement PainChek® in new residential aged care (RAC) customers, or in the use of PainChek® by existing customers” he said.

I spoke with him to get a better understanding of why he is optimistic about the future.


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