A Blockchain YouTube? How would that work?

In my interview with Chris Richardson CEO of Linius technologies, he told me:

  • Linius' Video virtualization makes a video blockchain possible.

  • Expect new partnership announcements to " develop go to market" product for blockchain.

  • Every blockchain video stream will run through Linius SaaS platform.

  • A blockchain version of YouTube may be one business model adopted by entertainment industry.

  • Individual streaming content producers can now monetize their videos in a way not previously possible.

  • Linius will demonstrate blockchain and smart contract technology publicly in next few weeks.

  • Positive announcement on Warner Bros trial is imminent.

When you upload a video to YouTube, you are really casting it to the wind.

Anyone can use it, anywhere, anytime for pretty much anything.

Linius Technologies (ASX:LNU) has announced it has successfully embedded its virtualized video into a blockchain, and put a smart contract on top of it. An achievement possible due to the tiny file size of a virtualized video, a process the company has patented technology for.

Linius claim this is a world first, and that it means whether your a movie studio, an indie film maker, or are a successful video blogger or YouTuber, you can now control, monetize and protect your content in a way, never before possible.

According to CEO, Chris Richardson, as an example, a video blogger could incentivize their existing audience to sell their program, with a 10 or 15% split for every new viewer they can attract. Because of blockchain and the smart contract the video is contained in, the whole process is instant, totally transparent and financially secure for all concerned.

According to Linius, the US$52 billion expected to be lost by movie studios and indie film makers by 2020 may be dramatically reduced due to their virtual video technology and blockchain.

He told me that not only can a business or individual using video and blockchain prove ownership of the content, but they can gain detailed information about what, how, where and exactly which parts of the content is watched, person by person.

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